Gonorrhoea Could Become Untreatable

Gonorrhoea could turn into an untreatable infection, the chief medical officer of England has cautioned.

According to Dame Sally Davies, she has written to every pharmacy and GP to make sure that they keep prescribing the right medications upon the rise of the super gonorrhoea in the Leeds region. The warning from her comes upon the raise of concerns that a few patients weren’t getting both of their antibiotics required for clearing this infection.

According to sexual wellbeing doctors, gonorrhoea has been “quickly” developing resistance. What’s more, during March in England, a strain of gonorrhoea got detected in the north which was extremely drug resistant. This strain is capable of shrugging off the antibiotic azithromycin, something which is usually utilized with another drug named ceftriaxone.

Dame Sally Davies, who is the chief medical officer of England, stated in her letter that gonorrhoea is at the risk of establishing itself as an untreatable infection because of the consistent emergence of resistant of antimicrobial nature.

Soaring Cases

However, while a pill of azithromycin and a ceftriaxone injection are supposedly useful for treating the disease in combination, this might not be the case all the time for every patient. Earlier in 2015, BASHH (the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV) stated that a few online pharmacies were only offering oral medication. Utilizing only one of these two drugs makes it rather easier for the bacterium to start developing resistance.

This letter by the chief medical officer was also signed by Dr. Keith Ridge who is the chief pharmaceutical officer. The letter further stated that gonorrhoea has been rapidly acquiring resistance to the new antibiotics, which leaves fewer alternatives to some of the current recommendations. Resultantly, it is essential that suboptimal treatments do not take place.

What Is Gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which is a bacterium. It can be spread due to unprotected anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Some of the symptoms include the discharge of a thick yellow or green liquid from sexual organs, bleeding during periods, and pain while urinating. Most often, a person may not have any symptoms but still be able to easily spread this disease to partners. It is not possible to diagnose gonorrhoea form the symptoms only, it is essential to get tested. You can find out more about gonorrhoea testing at

If the infection is left untreated, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, while also being passed on to children during pregnancy.

Gonorrhoea remains the 2nd most common STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) in England due to which the cases seem to be soaring. In fact, the amount of infections increased by 19% during 2013. And they have been further increasing ever since.

The current president of BASH, Dr. Jan Clarke told the media that they are considerably pleased that Dame Sally Davies has been stressing that gonorrhoea requires this method to treatment because of the fact that the resistance has been rapidly developing.

Clarke stated that we require protecting what we already have and we also need to encourage the general practitioners and pharmacists to follow the first line treatment. Dr. Andrew Lee, who is from the Public Health England, also added that investigations are currently underway into multiple cases of gonorrhoea that is anti microbial resistant.

He added that Public Health England is continuously monitoring and acting on potential treatment failures of gonorrhoea and the spread of resistance of anti microbial nature. This will make sure that these items are managed and identified immediately.