Sexual Health

Morning After Pill: What are the Options?

There are two “morning after” contraceptive pills currently available in the United Kingdom, known as Levonelle, and a newer product called ellaOne. The latter generated some controversy within the UK recently, when it was given a license that made it available to girls under the age of 16. The pill has actually been available in […]

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Gonorrhoea Could Become Untreatable

Gonorrhoea could turn into an untreatable infection, the chief medical officer of England has cautioned. According to Dame Sally Davies, she has written to every pharmacy and GP to make sure that they keep prescribing the right medications upon the rise of the super gonorrhoea in the Leeds region. The warning from her comes upon […]

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STIs Passed Through Non-Sexual Contact

This may surprise most people but it is actually quite possible to catch sexually transmitted infections without actually having sex. Don’t freak out just yet, it’s rather rare to contract something such as herpes, without penetrative sex or at least oral sex. Rest assured, STIs aren’t something that can magically manifest itself; someone ‘has’ to […]

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