SelfDiagnosis.co.uk was established in 2004 by a husband and wife team, both of who are graduate chemists with many years’ sales experience related to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors.

The Company was borne out of personal experience. A request for a simple test at the local surgery needed one appointment with the doctor, followed by a second appointment with the nurse and finally results disclosed by the practice secretary over the telephone. The whole exercise took over two weeks and had a less than personal conclusion.

This experience gave the strong impression that preventative healthcare by routine testing at the local surgery was probably more trouble than it was worth, particularly in terms of time and the demands on NHS resources. But how could that be right? If diagnostic test kits are straightforward and available for home use, shouldn’t individuals wanting to take an active interest in their healthcare be given easier access to such tests?

The use of home pregnancy tests has been commonplace for many years and is now accepted practice. So are there conditions other than pregnancy that can be tested for at home? The answer is ‘yes’. Looking to the USA, home testing is established practice and home diagnostics are available for a wide range of conditions.

SelfDiagnosis recognises the pressures within the UK health sector, often publicised via waiting lists, high costs and overworked medical professionals. All these pressures can sometimes give an impression of an impersonal approach…a sense of next on the conveyor belt, or that time doesn’t allow proper consideration of your own feelings.

SelfDiagnosis believes that self-testing is a valuable addition to our preventative healthcare regime, which not only gives patients a more direct involvement in their welfare but also helps relieve some of those pressures on health professionals, benefiting all healthcare consumers.


SelfDiagnosis Mission Statement

“SelfDiagnosis is dedicated to providing its customers with the most modern of conventional diagnostic kits, helping to assist them and their friends & families with the management of their wellbeing”.