About Health Diagnostic Kits

There has been rapid growth in the development of new diagnostic technologies and products, which have made home testing easier and cheaper. This development has happened at the same time as patients are wanting to take a more active interest in their own health status, including how to take full advantage of preventative healthcare.

But what sureties are there to consumers that home tests are accurate medical products that give meaningful results when used properly?

All Self Diagnosis test kits should be CE-marked to show that the manufacturers are satisfied that their kits meet all the appropriate provisions of the Medical Devices Regulations, including those relating to safety.

Where similar kits are available that test different body fluids, e.g. diabetes kits that use urine or blood,   customers are enabled to select their preference.

In addition to home test kits, some companies can offer  a number of home sampling kits. These are for more complex analyses and enable you to take the necessary sample at home. The kit includes the packaging to send your sample direct to an analytical laboratory, whose services are included in the test price. The laboratory forwards the results to you in total confidence.

SelfDiagnosis continues to search for new diagnostic kits from professional supply companies across the world. We welcome feedback from both customers and suppliers as to their future needs and product developments.